Hay Spears

Hay Spear

We stock a quantity of a tapered neck hay spears that are either discontinued or are overstocked.  These are heat treated and hardened hay spears of excellent quality!

Discontinued and overstock spears are NEW hay spears, and if you follow the installation guidelines, you should get at least 40,000 cycles out of each hay spear, making these a terrific bargain.  Bargain Bin hay spears have been modified and/or refurbished are still of great quality.  These hay spears have a straight neck and have a reasonably priced collar and cross bolt available.  Offered at a deep discount, these are great solution for the tight budget.

Collars and Installation

Collars are sold separately.  Because tapers can vary by manufacturer, it is recommended you use the collars designed for these spears.  Since the taper on the collar and spear match, it creates a tighter fit and will increase the overall life of the spear.  The nuts are included with the spear and should be tightened to 200 – 300 foot pounds.  Using a product like locktite will help maintain this tightness.  It is recommended the torque on the nut be checked at regular intervals to make sure it is still tight.

Reply by email with the following information:
Zip Code (to calculate shipping).
Quantity and type of spear you want.
Indicate if you want collars with your spears.
Any additional questions you have.
Phone number to reach you.

We make every effort to respond to your requests quickly, you are also welcome to respond directly via text, call, or skype. See our contact page for information.  In an effort to protect our customers and ourselves, we use verified and secure services for all of our electronic transactions.  We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover.  We can also electronically process a check if that is more convenient for you.

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